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Summit and Wasatch County students to benefit from optical care and eyeglasses.

Thanks to a generous grant from Vail Resorts, the People’s Health Clinic has acquired funding to screen area school children for vision problems, offer vouchers for referrals to vision specialists and provide eyeglasses with corrective lenses along with replacement glasses if needed. In addition, a hand held device will be purchased which will allow volunteers to conduct vision tests at health fairs throughout the community.

Using current census data, People’s Health Clinic Executive Director Nann Worel projected that 2,250 children were potential candidates for the vision services. These are school age children, grades kindergarten through 12, from families without health insurance who reside within Summit and Wasatch Counties.

“We anticipate 10% of these potential candidates, or 225 children, will receive services during the first year of the program,” said Worel. “Poor vision affects a child’s attitude and academic performance and left untreated or undetected, can lead to permanent vision loss, delayed development and failing grades. There are a substantial number of school children in our area who can’t adequately see the blackboard or the computer monitor and that puts them at a severe disadvantage.”

“We are so honored to partner with the People’s Health Clinic on this amazing new program,” said Mike Goar, GM for Canyons Resort. “Canyons and Vail Resorts want to support programs that make a tangible, meaningful difference for kids in this community. And, this program is ensuring that kids who couldn’t see the chalkboard can get glasses.”

For families without health insurance, routine eye exams and corrective lenses represent a costly and often unaffordable out of pocket expense. While most schools provide students with vision screenings, children from families without health insurance often lack the means to access the follow up care they need.

To schedule an appointment for a vision screening contact Fanny Vernal at 435.333.1857.

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