Patient Stories


Without a place like this, so many people would not have anywhere to go for treatment, hope and medical help. --Alfonso Flores

Without a place like this, so many people would not have anywhere to go for treatment, hope and medical help. –Alfonso Flores

I have never had health insurance or a regular doctor. When my vision became blurry a year ago, my wife convinced me to go to The People’s Health Clinic. I now believe that Dr. Hanrahan saved my life. After some testing he knew I had diabetes.

I thought my working days and life would soon be over but Dr. Hanrahan was so kind and encouraged me to eat better and live better. I decided to try not just for me but for my family. Everyone at the Clinic gave me hope and praise as I slowly lost weight.

My vision is now normal and I’ve lost 35 pounds because I am following the plan laid out for me by the Clinic staff. I have more to lose but know that I am going in the right direction. Every time I see Dr. Hanrahan he has a huge smile on his face and I know he is genuinely proud of me. He is an excellent doctor and cheerleader.

To anyone who gives money so this Clinic can run, thank you, thank you, thank you!



stock photo mom and son dentist

A single mom on a limited income had accompanied her son to medical visits at PHC. When she heard about the dental program, she had several fillings in her son’s mouth taken care of. This year, she brought him back for a dental examination and routine cleaning and guess what, no issues whatsoever!

She was so proud that she had taken the time and set a healthy example for her son. When she asked for a photo with the dentist, Dr. Kolon was proud to comply and now has a permanent spot in their family album.


Prenatal Classes Benefit Little Eden

MMarisela Sanchez and Eden 3arisela moved to Park City from Texas. She was concerned about finding affordable prenatal care and she found it at the People’s Health Clinic. To start prenatal care, Clinic patients are required to attend orientation classes. Marisela attended all seven classes, was extremely attentive and said she took away a lot of good information. “I had never heard of shaken-baby syndrome or about dental care during pregnancy. And in my culture, post-partum depression is considered a myth. Now I know the signs to look for and what to do. I found a warm and caring environment here at the People’s Health Clinic. Thank you so much.”